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The best way to gather intelligence

January 26, 2010

A recent article on the National Parks Conservation Association website details a secret group of U.S. Army intelligence interrogators who operated at a base in Virginia across the Potomac from Washington D.C. during WWII.

Unlike lovers of torture Cheney and Bush and their apologists like Yoo, this group of Army specialists used clever interrogation techniques to cajole, flatter and trick their German prisoners into give up their information. Further proof that the application of non-coercive techniques works better in the long run than the torture regime run by Cheney. Intelligence gained by non-coercive techniques is more detailed and useful. Prisoners end up giving up information for a variety of reasons, they are not just blurting out garbage to make the pain stop.

But don’t expect Cheney to admit this. His torture regime was never about getting good intelligence, it was about obtaining political cover for the invasion of Iraq. And perhaps to feed some twisted aspect of Cheney’s dark psychology.


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