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Woods to ease back into tournament play

March 17, 2010

Tiger Woods will reportedly compete at the Masters in Georgia this year. But according to inside sources, before that Woods will play some of the more unusual, secluded tournament-level courses as a way of inserting himself back into the tour. One of these less frequently played venues is the H.G. Wells-designed links course at Bradbury Country Club on Phobos. Phobos, one of Mars’ two moons, has a reputation for being a little off the beaten track. But Bradbury is actually a place many tour pros go to play when they are trying to stiffen up their game.

“Tiger will be easing it back in slowly,” Percival Lowell, VI, course pro at Bradbury said. “He didn’t want to enter a tournament and then have to pull out prematurely. We get lots of pros here who may have gotten into a slump and want to get back into a deep groove. I think Tiger just wants to come here and just let it all hang out.”

According to Lowell, the Bradbury course is a great place for pros to regain their confidence in their long game. With Phobos having such weak gravity, a tour pro can easily drive the ball 20 or 30 miles. “They like it when they can whip out their big stick and really make it go long,” Lowell said. “Tiger will really get his rocks off here.”


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  1. The Kalzone permalink

    WTF, Teemster? Since when have you had a freekin’ blog and why didn’t I know about it? And why don’t I have one?

    I don’t think Tiger has anything to be afraid of on, oh wait, it’s Phobos, isn’t it. That can’t be good. Probably wouldn’t be good to play on Lesbos — I mean, it would, but probably not for his image. But since it is the day o’ the Irish (and a top o’ the evenin’ to ya, Mr. Queeney), might I suggest he play on Shameos.

    Keep me plastered, I mean, postered.

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