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Drama queen sun jealous of volcano

April 19, 2010

The sun, chapped by all the media coverage provided to the Iceland volcanic eruption that’s disrupting air travel on Earth, made a bid for some attention last week with a massive solar flare. The flare, a gigantic burst of charged particles, was the largest solar prominence in 15 years. NASA’s STEREO spacecraft caught this image of the flare.

Saul Aster of Soleil Public Relations, spokesman for the sun, said “Hey, my client is responsible for all life on Earth. And lately the only attention he gets is when people talk about what SPF sun block they should use. ‘Sun block,’ think about how that hurts.”


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One Comment
  1. I don’t know. damned Sol is very touchy. Always more than 7 minutes late Hell, I’d be touchy too. Get a life. Jeez!

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