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Five countries with the worst TV infomercials

April 27, 2010

Recently, Doug Lansky, author of the book “The Titanic Awards,” posted an excerpt from his book where he listed the nine countries with the worst beer.

What about the five countries with the worst TV infomercials?

1. Switzerland – A guy named Zern Zermat selling adult fondue sets.

2. Paraguay – Swampland, lots of swampland in the Gran Chaco region. A swamp as big as Texas. If you buy now, they’ll throw in a giant anaconda.

3. Bhutan – “Roll on down to the capital of Thimphu and see me – Jangme Wangchuk! I’ll got big prayer wheels, little prayer wheels, even square prayer wheels — everything must go! No serious offer will be refused!”

4. Slovakia –  Best sellers are infomercials hawking T-shirts that say “SLOVAKIA, not Slovenia!” and “At Least our Beer Doesn’t Suck!”

5. North Korea – Late night viewers are treated to government programming selling test patterns.


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