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Bewitched, bothered, bemused?

April 29, 2010

These reliquaries from the Cloisters Museum in NYC were built in medieval times to hold the skulls of dead folks. Deceased female saints, defunct noble women, ex-mother superiors, former queens, checked-out countesses, dirt-napping dames. Evidently, you stash the skull in this attractive wooden holder and when you feel the need to get your Hamlet freak on, you have the skull at your fingertips. Nice.

What are these painted women thinking? What would you think about if you were stuck in a museum, oogled and googled by thousands of people a month? Would you enjoy the attention? Or would you pine for the chance to close your eyes or just look away?

What do you think?


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  1. Don Dodds permalink

    First of all they all look the same. I suspect a hoax here. Second I think it is extremely rude unthoughtful of the NYC Cloisters Museum is discriminating against us male saints, kings, and other non noble persons. I am canceling my annual contribution immediately. Well tomorrow anyhow.

    • You’re right. Why do female saints/nobles/mother superiors skulls have all the fun? End more skull discrimination!

      These actually are strikingly well done pieces. They really do each have their own distinct facial expression. They’re marvelous.

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