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My wife is a submarine

May 11, 2010

She uses sonar. I call it “echo-locating.”

Just like a submarine, she sends out a “ping” to locate me in three dimensional space. For example, when she comes into the house after an afternoon of pricing Croatian antiques, she’ll yell, “Rupert!” (actually, she uses another nickname for me, but I’ll just keep that under my hat). Once the ping goes out, I am bound by section 13-B of our marriage contract to respond with “Yes, honey!”  I must do this within 3.2 seconds or there’ll be hell to pay. Like a bat sourcing a tasty bug on a summer night, she likes to have my location down to a few centimeters. Was ever a hunter more deadly?

  1. anne ME permalink

    oh yeah! the things we do for each other, the ways we adapt!

  2. anne ME permalink

    wait a minute! It’s still the tenth! 31 years ago you were drinking champagne in New York with a group of gigglers. Time is quick but PLEASE give it its due.

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