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Apple winning Flash battle, Jersey Shore is next

May 22, 2010

As Apple’s contest with Adobe over the use of Adobe’s Flash product rages on, Apple seems to be gaining the upper hand. Many web developers are starting to use HTML 5 and tools provided by Apple in lieu of Flash.

For Steve Jobs, victory over Flash is apparently just the beginning. His future plans reportedly include canceling MTV’s  Jersey Shore program, dissuading Brett Favre from returning to the NFL and outlawing the cheeseburger.

When she heard about Jobs plans, Jersey Shore cast member “Snooki” was not concerned. “Apple was unsuccessful in leveraging its advantage in the graphical user interface to stop Microsoft’s Windows GUI, it failed with the Newton hand held and even the iPods have experienced technical problems, so I imagine our show is on relatively solid ground,” Snooki said. “However, Jobs did kick the recording industry’s ass, so we’ll be sure to keep an eye on it.”

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