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Survey names world’s five most livable cities

May 27, 2010

Today The International Center for Quality Living in Dorking, England, released its annual survey of the five world cities with the best quality of life. According to the ICQL experts they ranked 1 to 5:

1)  Trondheim, Norway. The survey cited Trondheim for its physically active population, inexpensive housing and likeliest chance of frostbite. The Norwegian city also scored high for the large number of bamboo ski pole repair shops and boutique fish canning plants.

2) Pinsk, Belarus. This city scored a perfect 357.3 points in the ICQL’s “Cities that Most Often Get Mistaken for Minsk But Keep Their Chin Up” category. This perfect score was lucky as Pinsk scored no points in any other category other than potato -based breakfast foods.

3) No city qualified for position three.

4) Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina. With the highest literacy rate, the most people engaged in adult learning and the highest percentage of hoof and mouth disease, this Argentine city was a clear winner. Heavy bolo tie use did not hurt this city in the voting.

5) Odessa, Texas, USA. The first U.S. city to make the list in seven years, Odessa was cited for highest percentage of citizens owning firearms and prettiest Black Sea port not actually located on the Black Sea. In their comments the judges also mentioned the fine cavier and sweet meats.

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  1. Don Dodds permalink

    I used to live in Pinsk

  2. So you know better than anyone how right the experts at the International Center for Quality Living are about the awesomeness of Pinsk.

    How long did you live there?

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