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X51A Waverider hits Mach 6 – passengers complain

May 28, 2010

The U.S. Air Force’s X51A Waverider broke a hypersonic flight record yesterday, traveling six times the speed of sound. The Air Force claims that the Waverider’s engine burn was the longest yet for a hypersonic craft.

Passengers on board were happy about the early arrival, but many grumbled after the flight was over. “The coffee was lukewarm, my seat was tiny and we were going so fast there was no sound to the movie,” Sean Helmholtz tweeted from the hospital following the flight.

An Air Force spokesperson replied that the flight was historic and showed the superiority of U.S. technology. She refused, however, to comment on reports of soggy pretzels, hard pillows or that passengers blacked out for most of the flight due to massive G forces. “Some people just like to complain,” she said. “You try serving hot coffee when the air pressure in the cabin drops so fast it starts snowing.”

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