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Writer emulates J.K. Rowling success – scribes now renting babies

May 31, 2010

British writer Marina Fiorato has just signed two deals worth more than $360,000 after years of getting her work rejected. Fiorato’s story parallels the rise of famed Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling — before her big deal Fiorata was penniless and often wrote her books in cafes with a baby on her lap.

Now aspiring writers all over the world are convinced the key to success lies in writing with a baby on one’s lap. Many are renting babies during their writing sessions. “It was challenging, at first,” Armin Rothschild said, a  thriller writer based in Stoke-on-Trent, England. “The babies kept squirming and almost fell off onto the floor. But then I got the hang of keeping them in place with my elbows. I really think my writing has gotten better — you know, with a baby on board.”

Infant rental agencies have sprung up overnight. Many working mothers enjoy getting paid by eager writers instead of having to pay for day care. Most writers make sure to have friends photograph or video them with the babies. “Doesn’t hurt to have a photographic record,” Gilanta Sankaty said. Sankaty lives and writes in Oberamergau in Germany. “Some writers are claiming they wrote their books with babies, but they just used a dummy. I want agents and editors to know that I had a real baby in place for every word.” Sankaty said the babies threw up on her more than 55 times. “It was 100% for real,” Sankaty insisted.

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  1. Madison Woods permalink

    This had me laughing. If only I had known earlier. Now the keys to my success must lie in my grandbabies!

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